Tim Kasser

Tim Kasser

"Well when I saw you cleaning I figured you didn’t have any pressing school work…"

— My Mother, whom (apparently) doesn’t understand how procrastination works..

Super tempted to quote Dead Prez “They Schools” lyrics in this sociology of education paper I’m working on…

They aint teachin us nothin but how to be slaves and hardworkers
For white people to build up they shit
Make they businesses successful while it’s exploitin us
Knowhatimsayin? And they aint teachin us nothin related to
Solvin our own problems, knowhatimsayin?
Aint teachin us how to get crack out the ghetto
They aint teachin us how to stop the police from murdering us
And brutalizing us, they aint teachin us how to get our rent paid
Knowhatimsayin? They aint teachin our families how to interact
Better with each other, knowhatimsayin? They just teachin us
How to build they shit up, knowhatimsayin? That’s why my niggas
Got a problem with this shit, that’s why niggas be droppin out that
Shit cuz it don’t relate, you go to school the fuckin police
Searchin you you walkin in your shit like this a military compound
Knowhatimsayin? So school don’t even relate to us
Until we have some shit where we control the fuckin school system
Where we reflect how we gon solve our own problems
Them niggas aint gon relate to school, shit that just how it is
Knowhatimsayin? And I love education, knowhatimsayin?
But if education aint elevatin me, then you knowhatimsayin it aint
Takin me where I need to go on some bullshit, then fuck education
Knowhatimsayin? At least they shit, matter of fact my nigga
this whole school system can suck my dick, BEEYOTCH!!”

the internet is all like; “If you are battling a cold or the flu, avoid drinking coffee and alcohol…”

no way.

oh and plus i just lost my wallet o kill me instead

tomorrow is supposed to be my first day working up front in a restaurant and tonight i have a drippy nose cold. pray for me.

(Fuente: tonsil)

i’ve brought a lot of my anxiety under control in recent months but holy shit, trying to craft subject lines on emails still gets me.

oh my gosh. new apartment tomorrow. long overdue. so fucking pumped. so fucking ready. april should be a good month. yes.

in other news; fuck two page research summaries.

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