math makes me so uncomfortable.

i miss these tunes in basements in autumn. come back, dan.

My Google search: Nasca Life

referring, of course, to the pre-columbian culture famed for it’s geoglyphs.

Did you mean: NASCAR live ?

No, no I did not.

Etiquetas: damn it america

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oh also i won 2 free tickets to Delta Sprit concert in philly on oct. 4. 

do i still know anyone in that area?

I wish tali still lived there.

do any of you even know who i’m talking about?

if not you’re tumbling all wrong.

soo.. winter break—

cultural and educational experience in mexico for three weeks


internship and crashing with beloved old friends in manhattan and brooklyn for three weeks?

having non-environmentalist house mates is really frustrating.

I’m sick of picking your recyclables out of the garbage.

it takes ten seconds to rinse a tuna can.

you fuck.

"I urge you to please notice when you are happy."

— Kurt Vonnegut 

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